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Wine Reviews

2014 Vintage

The 2014 vintage began with two polar vortex events which tested vine hardiness. Spring weather brought a seasonal bud break in May, and bloom in June. The early summer months were warm with heavier rainfall than average, but happily, the month of August was hot and dry, which allowed fruit development to progress nicely. Warm, dry weather in September provided plenty of sunlight which fully ripened the fruit.

2013 Vintage

A moderate winter was followed by a seasonal bud break and bloom.  Early summer brought a record-high 5 inches of rainfall in June, but happily the rest of the season was hot with normal precipitation.  A gorgeous, dry September delivered ample sun which fully ripened the fruit, while cool nights preserved acidity.  The 2013 harvest turned out to be a bumper crop for the region.

2012 Vintage

A mild winter and unseasonably warm 80 degree March temperatures caused a record-early bud break.  Warm weather continued through summer leading to the earliest harvest on record.  The Pinot Noir benefited from the heat with intense flavors and additional structure. The Rieslings showcase a softer palate from the vintage, but still resonate with a crisp finish.

2011 Vintage

With an abundance of moisture in the spring, the summer became warm and dry with intermittent thunder storms.  Harvest received a great deal of moisture pressure from two hurricanes.  Despite the tough conditions at harvest, the Pinot Noir wines are aromatically expressive and the Rieslings are crisp and refreshing.

2010 Vintage

A mild winter led to a early bud break and bloom.  Hot and humid weather persisted throughout the growing season, transitioning to cooler seasonable temperatures in September.

2009 Vintage

A mild winter led to a seasonal bud break and June bloom.  A cool, moist summer was followed by a dry September, ensuring a bountiful harvest.  The warm September was perfect to enable the Pinot Noir grapes to develop deeper ripeness, superior flavor complexity and harmonious balance and the Rieslings to have a crisp, snappy finish.

2008 Vintage

The 2008 summer was highlighted by the warm days and cool nights that are typical of the Finger Lakes.  September and October brought warm and dry weather, exactly what was needed to enable the Pinot Noir grapes to develop deeper ripeness, superior flavor complexity and harmonious balance.

2007 Vintage

2007 was an unusually warm and dry growing season in which vines thrived, producing Pinot Noir grapes with incredible intensity and ripeness.  The hotter vintage supplied the Rieslings with a softer palate from the lower acidity found in the grapes.

2006 Vintage

Seasonal spring temperatures were on-par with other Finger Lakes vintages.  Significant heat in July expedited grape ripening, which proved to be critical as fall arrived early with wet weather in September, lengthening harvest into October.