Susan Higgins - Heart & Hands Wine Company
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Susan Higgins


Susan’s interest in food and wine was nurtured by sharing stories and laughter around the family dinner table while enjoying her mother’s fine cuisine.   When Susan met Tom, she began spending vacation weekends with him in the Finger Lakes where she fell in love with the beautiful scenery, the excellent farm-to-table restaurants, and of course, the wineries!  After Tom and Susan were married and moved to the NYC metro area, these weekend trips became  more frequent, and together, they began to ponder the possibilities of someday having a winery of their own.

During the early years of the winery,  Susan split her time between the Finger Lakes and New York City where she worked as a management consultant.  Today, Susan is in the Finger Lakes full-time, and serves as the winery’s business manager, responsible for sales, marketing, and financial management.  Additionally, she assists Tom with winemaking activities, with her particular favorite task being pre-bottling taste trials!