Our Vineyards - Heart & Hands Wine Company
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Our Vineyards

Heart & Hands Wine company is committed to making distinctive, terroir-driven wines, and believes that great wine begins in the vineyard.  We own and manage our Estate vineyard, and we have also partnered with several premier winegrowers in the Finger Lakes.  Each vineyard is carefully managed using a plan that is tailored to the soil and microclimate of the site.  Our vineyard practices and grower relationships are integral to maintaining consistent quality and excellence vintage after vintage.

Estate Vineyard
Cayuga Lake

Great wines begin with the ideal site, which must be suitable to the vine’s unique preferences.  We believed that putting down roots on limestone-based soils was a must, so we invested a significant amount of time on site selection to find the most optimal location for growing Pinot Noir.  Heart & Hands’ winery and vineyard is located on the east side of Cayuga Lake 200 meters from the shoreline of Carr’s Cove.  The vineyard has several different soil types, with Onandaga Limestone underpinning the entire site.

Hobbit Hollow Vineyard
Skaneateles Lake

Hobbit Hollow Vineyard is located on the west side of Skaneateles Lake, directly on the lakeshore.  The vineyard’s high elevation and northern location produce Pinot Noirs with bright cherry notes and Rieslings with notes of slate and crackling, racy acidity.

Elaine’s Vineyard
Seneca Lake

Elaine’s vineyard overlooks the eastern shores of Seneca Lake in an area known locally as the “banana belt”.  The vineyard delivers Pinot Noir grapes with rich, intense flavors.

Nutt Road Vineyard
Seneca Lake

Nutt Road Vineyard is located on the west side of Seneca Lake and boasts a number of different soil types.  The vineyard produces complex Rieslings with rich opulence on the palate.

Seneca East Vineyard
Seneca Lake

Seneca East Vineyard is located on the eastern shores of Seneca lake on gently sloping hillsides.  Rieslings grown on this site feature exotic lychee and bright citrus notes.

Patrician Verona Vineyard
Cayuga Lake

Patrician Verona Vineyard is located on the west side of Cayuga Lake.  The vineyard produces earthy Pinot Noirs, and Rieslings with tropical, citrusy notes.