Elaine's Vineyard - Heart & Hands Wine Company
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Elaine’s Vineyard


Elaine’s vineyard overlooks the eastern shores of Seneca Lake, and has a gradual slope.  Vineyard Manager, John Santos is well known in the region as an innovator who has a deep understanding of the vines and vineyards he manages.  He employs a “balanced vine” strategy in order to ensure appropriate yields, curtail excessive vigor, and deliver Pinot Noir grapes with intense flavors and optimum ripeness.

Elaine’s vineyard selections are a tribute to the late Elaine Hazlitt – a pioneer in the Finger Lakes wine industry, whose constant smile and unwavering strength provided inspiration to all who knew her.

Location: East Side of Seneca Lake

Elevation: Average 844 feet above sea level

Proximity to Lake: 3379 feet

Soil: Conesus-Lansing Silt Loam