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Donation/Event Request

We receive frequent requests for charitable contributions, including donations of wine for auctions and support of wine tastings for charitable events.   As you, our customers know, we are a very small, family run business.  This means that we have a limited amount of time and product allocated for contributions. The majority of this allocation is already committed to causes that we ourselves are particularly passionate about.  We get many, many requests for the remainder of this allocation – hence, we can only fulfill a limited amount of donation requests each year.


Because of the large amount of inquiries, we have set forth the following guidelines for donation requests.  The goal our guidelines and our donation request process is to enable us to evaluate requests fairly, and to prevent you from wasting time making a request for something that is not a good fit with our guidelines.




Requestor: Requests from our frequent customers will be given priority over other requests.


Purpose and Beneficiaries: The purpose of the donation request  must be charitable in nature – benefiting an organization that is officially created for social welfare, educational growth or other good works.  The organization should have a non-profit legal status.

We do not consider requests for organizations whose beneficiaries are not of legal drinking age.


Size of Donation: We only produce ~2000 cases of wine per year, and we must ensure that our business is viable.  We do not fulfill requests for large donations, because we simply cannot support the volume.  As a guideline, we might donate a bottle or two to an auction, or pour a couple of bottles at an event where we have our staff on-hand to represent our brand. Case and multicase donations cannot be fulfilled.


Lead Time: Please submit your request at least 2 months ahead of time.  We are a very small business, and need lead time to evaluate requests and coordinate donations and attendance at events.


How to make a request: Please submit the request by using the form below – this is the only way to submit a request and ensure that it is considered.


We kindly ask that you refrain from calling or stopping by the winery to make a request for a donation or to inquire about the status of your request. 

We are a very, very small business with limited staff, and simply do not have the capacity to handle calls or in-person requests. When we are onsite at the winery, we need to be focused on making wine, managing the vineyard and hosting our guests in the tasting room.